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Are you looking for a quick, simple and 100% free way to keep track of your website or blog visitors? You are on right place! offers you 100% free hit counters for your blog or website!No registration needed!No spam!No hidden charges – everything is completely free!


  • To get started:
  • Just click on Create a Counter button.
  • Enter your website or blog url into first box, set your counter preferences.
  • Choose one of our blog counter styles.
  • Hit the Get My Code button.
  • Get your code and and paste in your HTML or PHP page.

If you want to add your free hit counter to your , Blogger, Blog or website, login into your admin section, open your blog theme, edit sidebar.php, footer.php or header.php file and add counter code to page. You can also add it in a Text Widget from WordPress.

And thats all you need to do!

Our blogger, blog and website counters do not expire and you will never need to pay anything form them!  You can also add them to your myspace, blogger or wordpress website. More styles of page visitor counter will be available in incoming months so come back soon!

It’s fundamental to analyze how your web site runs to get a successful business. Understanding into details how the user behaves is very important in order to give a right service and product which fits with user’s needs. website analytics allows to get these information in real time, and to see how much visitors do you get on your blog or web site.
Please do not alter the web counter code of our free internet counter paste as html counter as it is to avoid difficulties. This free download counter can also be used as a PHP counter and ASP counter.  Many of our free fancy counters of different colors are given to choose from so you have a choice to download free counter of your taste and put it on your website! Enjoy!

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